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Our Journey

Kevin and Paige Broten both grew up in the small town of Roseau, Minnesota, although they did not hit it off until the Summer of 2015. They spent their summers on the shores of Lake of the Woods at Long Point Resort. Paige, at her grandparents cabin, while Kevin’s parents were just 8 cabins down. They both grew to love the outdoors and the adventures that came with it.

Starting in the Fall of 2005, Kevin spent two years at Bethel University, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. He may not have continued his time there, but Minneapolis was now home. The five years spent in the Twin Cities, he made countless memories and met some pretty inspiring people. It was then that the idea of Peace Grenades was brought up. Nothing ever became of Peace Grenades it was simply an idea stored in the back of his mind. He moved back to Roseau in 2010 and started working for a local concrete company.

Paige spent five years at the University of North Dakota, located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and New Art Media, before moving back to Roseau in 2015. She landed an awesome opportunity to expand her creative mind at SandPieper Design, located in Baudette, Minnesota.

In 2015, when Kevin and Paige first met, Kevin introduced the idea of Peace Grenades and starting a Screen Print and Apparel Business to Paige. This idea has been with him for ten years now, so let’s just say she thought the whole thing was unrealistic and it would never happen. Two years later they both invested in a business they believe will become something awesome.

In January 2017 Peace Grenades became a reality. The apparel business Kevin dreamed of for so many years was born. Working many evenings and weekends, Kevin and Paige developed their apparel and screen printing business in the back of their garage. 

They launched a new website that same summer and began selling and shipping apparel from Alaska to Cuba. They soon outgrew their garage, and opened their first retail store in Roseau, Minnesota summer of 2019.


Peace Grenades is a Screen Print and Apparel Business located in Northern Minnesota. We are basically just the happy couple that lives in the woods and designs awesome gear. We have found a creative way to combine our love for art with our spirit for helping others and giving back. We believe by putting our creative minds to work we can make our vision of making the world a more peaceful place a reality. We desire to create, design, help, love, and spread peace. Peace Grenades is that dream evolving into certainty.


We have the ability to custom print for anyone needing tees, hoodies, etc for their business needs. We strive to produce unique, quality clothing at a price the average consumer can afford. Our product is easy to order and can be shipped nationwide. It is our goal to meet the needs of all our customers. Contact us for any questions!